The RFD Archive Project

We’ve all squirrelled away a copy of RFD…Well so do a number of libraries and archives throughout the world.

Since RFD’s early days, it’s readers have cherished their copies of the magazine, as they often reflected their own lives or merely reflected an interest in a queer culture which was a bit different, often rural, attempting to be both radical and spiritual.

Well in these many years some of your cherished copies of RFD have been collected by libraries and archives throughout the country and around the world. Some of these were donated by readers, others were purchased, and as RFD became more known to the academic world these archives often would purchase back issues from us.

Well thanks to the efforts of us pack-rats keeping our little history alive in this way—close to fifty organizations have RFD in their collections. Sadly though only three of them have complete runs of the magazine. This is where we would love your help and support.

RFD has some of the back issues which these organizations lack but not all. If you have old issues which you’d like to donate to our project to complete these collections, please have a look at our back issues page on our website, it shows which issues which we have sold out. These are often the very issues which these organizations lack. With your help we may be able to complete these sets for more folks to have access to.

If you have back issues you would like to donate back to us, we’d greatly appreciate it. At this time we’re mostly looking for issues which we lack, but we will accept any back issues in good shape which you may no longer want or that you would like to see donated to archives.

In the meanwhile, we’re also working to digitize all of our back issues and we’re exploring ways to make these available to our readers. It’s an expensive undertaking and again if you’re interested in helping in this project please consider donating money to help. Digitizing the entire run of RFD will cost close to three thousand dollars. Your support will help us make this long dreamed project a reality.

To those folks who have already sent us your cherished back issues, thank you, thank you, thank you!

If you are sending back issues to us, please send them to:

RFD Press
PO Box 302
Hadley, MA 01035-0302

If you want to send us a check to help with this project, please send it to the above address with “RFD Archive / Scan Project” in the memo. If you want to include a donation for this specifically when you renew, please just make a note with your renewal.